The End

by Poisoned By Life

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Sonny92 Really like this debut album from US "emotional" doomsters Poisoned by Life. I'm always partial to a bit of Warning worship and this definitely falls into that category. Huge, dirge-like riffs and songs that just cry out with sadness and mourning. The only criticism I could level, is in the vocal delivery that seems a little weak and is overwhelmed somewhat by the music itself. A minor niggle, however, and a very promising debut.
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First full length album from Poisoned By Life.

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All music belongs to Poisoned By Life. The End was recorded, produced, and released independently in Syracuse, NY, 2014.


released August 1, 2014



all rights reserved


Poisoned By Life Syracuse, New York


Maria Jimenez

Arden Sloan

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Track Name: Burning
Your words have butchered me since the days of my remembrance, meaningful to me at first until they burned into oblivion. You could have been there and witnessed the triumphs of my endeavors, and watched the burning in my eyes. I quickly overcame the burdens that I faced, and grew into a power worthy of recognition. Instead you chose to seek your own selfish desires, abandonment to all who helped you.

Yet still the force was calling, bringing you ever nearer to the conclusion of your wretched life. Love nor faith could have saved you from the path that you had chosen. Your destiny was altered long ago. You went on without meaning, an everlasting strife. It wasn't lust or alcohol, you were poisoned by life.

I’m burning, combusting, and leaving my soul behind to fend for itself in an endless feud with time. A dismal spell controls me and inhibits my actions, protecting your foolishness from intervention. In time, your suffering will bring you to the end, and terminate itself alongside your being. It could have been seen from far, and in the distance, no warning could have changed you or your inconsistency.

As time wheels by, the second draws nearer. Life grows shorter, and death becomes clearer. The moment is nigh to reach for the lights, and wander alone through the cold endless nights. Intense desolation: I don't think I know how to conquer this feeling and move on alone. The moment is nigh to reach for the lights. I bid farewell and I finish my cries.
Track Name: Last Breath
Nothing more exciting than your last breath.
Our oasis sits atop a wall of death.
Chase me now and see where I run.
Watch it again and again and again.

Novelties inspire us in the prime of life.
Grim and bleak grows the wind behind.
No solace can be seen for the lost and the fallen.
I disintegrate and give birth with my ashes.

No looking back.
No turning back.

Underwater peering upward.
Seeing smoke arise from the crevices.
Enter wounds into a shattered mind.
Growing sick from the lack of atmosphere.
Track Name: Prayer
A prayer, which when spoken to God, he shall deem me unsavable.
Track Name: For A Dying Man
If I should I find him once more, cowering and naked alone, tormented and cold, I will fulfil his final request. He was soaked in his blood, and his filth and sweat, when he told me how he became sick and hungry, and chose to die alone in the street. No comfort, no life. Only pain in perpetual night.

I have abandoned a soul to his doom, and witnessed the ending of a brother’s life. I watched him die, but not for a cause. I will only be perpetuating complacency until I live the day where it’s my turn to suffocate on my own blood, in the last of my days.