Children Of The Psychedelicult

by Poisoned By Life

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Sonny92 This is an almost-excellent album of trad doom in the tradition of the legendary 90's classics. Great songs, thunderous riffs, a rock-solid rhythm section and even a couple of nice acoustic passages. Why I say almost-excellent, is that this album suffers from the same niggle as the equally good debut, which is weak vocals. Pity, as with a better vocalist, these guys would be one of the top trad doom bands of the 2010's.
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Children of the Psychedelicult is the second album by doom metallers Poisoned By Life. It was written, recorded, and produced in Syracuse, NY from July to October of 2016. Running time is 43:00.


released November 20, 2016

Guitars, Vocals: Gottfried
Bass: Maria Jimenez
Drums: Arden Sloan



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Poisoned By Life Syracuse, New York


Maria Jimenez

Arden Sloan

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Track Name: Only Death is Real
These years of ancient witchcraft
Have taught me nothing more
Alchemy's earthly outcomes
But cannot please me, for
Human desire is endless
No closer will I be
To satiated hunger
The urge burns ever deep

To separate the dying body
To decorate the soul
I cannot live here any longer
For only death is real

Earthless, Skyless, Sunless, Moonless
Lifeless, Tombless, Soulless, Wombless

To separate the dying body
To decorate the soul
I cannot live here any longer
For only death is real

Only death
Track Name: Hex Lysergica
Are you feeling down, unhappy or depressed?
Discover solace in a golden sunshine tablet
Beckon a journey, call its name
Wait for God to show you glory, gold and fame

Stuck in a mirage, I won't escape
I've given up control, I do not know my fate
Recursive shadows turn to demons in my eyes
All of the years I've known reveal themselves as lies

No miracle can save me now

The pinnacle of highs has pierced your virgin soul
But there's a price to pay for ecstasy untold
No one has reached this point in all humanity
You are the first to be redeemed for this deed

Stuck in a mirage, I won't escape
I've given up control, I do not know my fate
I made a choice to venture into the unknown
But I can't make it back, death will take its toll

No miracle can save me now

Sent to Hell
Cast down Sinner
Private Hell
Deadly winter

Take a journey, call its name
Soon you will learn about the error of your ways
Stuck in a mirage, I won't escape
I've given up control, I do not know my fate
Lost in forever, there's no escape
I forfeit all control, I do not know my fate

No miracle can save me now
Track Name: Proselytic Incense
Seasons pass for the purpose
To recycle their existence
(They recycle, the Sage's star)

And it does dwindle next to the light of my kingship
(Sacrifice to mind and body)

The fire is alive, it grows and breathes around me
Decaying entropy removes me from infinity
With no such thing as time to lengthen my endeavor
As such I burn away, the ocean cannot save me
At last my carnage is separate from my soul
I gladly leave behind the only life I've known
Track Name: Psychedelicult
The final chapter of my life is written
Blood and tears embrace the page
Binding all but fails to hold
The notes of consciousness I've saved

A life that's lived is simply made
To be a memory, no matter remains
I feel my thoughts transform to dust
Erasing me from the day, I must
Contain myself or I'll be banned from here

The Shahman came forward to speak
To train our minds never to break
Under the weight of cosmic tapestry
A ceremony of sorts now begins
Our blood is poured into a cup
Our bodies nine, but we are one in mind
Our bodies nine, but we are one

Your skeletal embrace again
Cannot teach me the way to live
If only you had a heart to give

Only the riddle understands me
But I do not comprehend
How intertwined among the hands of God my life has really been

Psychedelicult is real
The time has come for me to heal
A dying planet of this sick disease
Track Name: The Voyage
I know why my senses are failing
To detect the evil tempting me to sin
Exhausted are the capabilities I had once known
Crafted to keep the Devil from me

Inside my mind isn't safe
For one day a dreadful mistake
Could change me forever and make
Me destined for Hell, oh well, oh well

I see, I see thousands who journey
To evade the cruelest form of punishment
The Exodus is upon your doorstep
You must save yourself or forever remain enslaved

The voyage will not be an easy
Test of your willpower true
No one can change that but you

And then you realize my friend, the voyage never really ends...